Standby Events specialise in the supply of temporary water pools for indoor or outdoor events. Our pools can be used for:

  • Swimming

  • Paddling

  • Themed seaside/beach sets

  • Paddle boarding

  • Pool parties/VIP attractions

  • Scuba diving

  • Water polo

  • Synchronised swimming

  • Canoe practice

  • Life saving practice

  • Underwater hockey

  • Dinghy sailing

  • Jet skiing 

Festivals and events

A water pool offers a unique attraction to entertain visitors.  It's a great way to attract attention to your brand, engage with the public and keep them cool over the summer.

Local Authorities

Our pools are an affordable solution for local authorities wishing to offer swimming lessons - including water-acclimatisation for young children - fitness swimming and competitive swimming training to members of the public.


The shallow depth allows kids to touch the floor easily and if required the water can be heated to make it more comfortable.

To increase the appeal of the pool we can add bespoke features such as:

  • Changing rooms and shower facilities

  • Water slides and flumes

  • Varying water depths, with extensive shallow or beach areas

  • Wave pools and surfing pools

  • Fast flowing river rides & rapids

  • Water jets and water cannons

  • Children’s wet play equipment

  • Dancing fountains

Pool Sizes

With hire prices starting from £2500, we offer standard temporary pools off the shelf  in a variety of sizes to suit different event spaces.

Pool A: 26m x 21m x 1.2m deep (600M³)

Pool B: 22m x 16m x 0.9m deep (320M³) 

Pool C: 13.5m x 7.3m x 1.2m deep  (100M³)

Pool D: 8.5m x 4.7m x 1.2m deep  (45M³)

Pool E: 7.6m x 4.9m x 0.6m deep  (20M³)

Pool F: 5.3m x 2.8m x 0.9m deep (13M³)

Pool G: 4m x 2.3m x 0.6m deep (5.5M³) 

If these approximate sizes aren't quite what you're looking for,  we have several options for creating a completely custom  water areas.

Temporary pools for water sports and lidos ...

Outdoor pool for watersports and diving